August 1, 2011

J's Goodies

It has been awhile since I've been to Jo-Ann.
Here's some of the Holidays stuff and Tim Holtz.



Kristan said...

Hi, im a new follower. Thanks for the video, it's nice to know whats on the shelves for halloween without having to drive to my nearest Jo-ann, which is over an hour away. TFS :)

Diane Ridpath said...

Man Bea, I wish I had your JoAnn's. I saw your video so I drove clear across town to the new large JoAnns, thinking they'd have more than the tiny store in the mall, right? NOT! They had three or four texture fades, the clock, gears, and car Dies, four or five Distress inks.... that's it!! Bummer. The clerk happily told me that those few things were new! like she was so proud of it. They must have had NOTHING before. However...since all things scrapbooking were on sale I didn't walk away empty handed. lol