July 26, 2011

Craft Room: Phase 1

As if having a baby isn't enough. We decided to move a few weeks after I gave birth. Life has been a bit crazy but in a good way. Now I get to have my own space!

I knew exactly what I wanted. The vision of this room is as clear as crystal. Other rooms of the house ... not so much. hehe

First thing first...
I headed to Home Depot for some paints. (all by myself... kiddos stayed at home with my mom, thanks mom.)

Miss Martha Stewart doesn't disappoint. I chose Feldspar MSL131 and Persimmon Red MSL015. These 2 colors are so darn cute together. I cannot wait to show you once the room is done. I will probably want to sleep in that room. As much as I love my hubby I can spend all day all night crafting away.

Alright ladies it's time for me to go wash off all of these paints off of me and get a few hours of shut-eye before the sun comes up. Tomorrow is another jam-packed day! Lots of work to do.

Stay tuned for Phase 2

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