July 9, 2011

Please pass the jam

It has been so looooooong since I was in a "baby mode." Almost 3 years to be exact. Right now it's all about Eat-Sleep-Poop.

Pardon me for neglecting my blog... we are trying to soak in all of the amazing moments with this lil' guy. He brings so much joy to me. I can't believe he's mine. He's miiiiiine! Wow! Speechless!

I love a lot of things about Jack but one of my fav has to be his rolls. His adorable baby rolls. Adorbs!

We both love to eat that's for sure! That's my boy!!!


Cards By Christy said...

he is beautiful! I am having mine (little boy also) tomorrow :) he will be our first and cannot wait to soak in all the moments with him... neglect the blog - it can wait - your little man will only be this size once :) congrats again!!

julie1551 said...

He's still as gorgeous as day one. Yes he is yours lol...