August 29, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes & Pedestals

Ladies and gent let me share with you my other love; CUPCAKES! Ever since Sprinkles and the others started the cupcake craze I've fallen in love with cupcakes. Something about them just melts in my mouth. I'm not talking about the store bought cake mix ... I'm talking about real homemade cupcakes!

I decided to bake some cupcakes tonight when I found this recipe! Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes!!!
I love the unique flavors when it comes to cupcakes. Let me tell you this one is worth a try. My family was smiling from ear to ear when they took a bite of the sweetness! My husband was so excited after he tasted one and asked if he could drop some off at his parents. I scored some points big time!

Enough with the rambling. Let's talk about the fun part; decoration! Since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I should share some tips on how to serve or showcase your cupcakes. After all these babies are a lot of work! Well not really just time consuming!

I got the shot glasses (they are plastic) and water glasses (they are plastic as well) from Dollar Tree. Can you believe it?! Amazzzzzzzzing I know. I love that place more and more each time I visit.

The skulls are from the Dollar tree as well.

Don't you think this is so much better than candy?! Heck yah I think so! For the candy lovers you can put a bunch of candy instead of spider or skull. Now that is some treat for your guests. Yum yum!!!

If you are still reading this post..... Thank You! hehe Now run to your Dollar Tree and stock up on these plastic glasses!

August 26, 2010

Bats Magical Chandelier Part II

Remember this?! I decided to add some bats to help us get into the Halloween Spirit around our home. I'm so over summer! This heat has got to go!

The bats are from the Happy Hauntings cartridge. I used DCWV black glitter cardstock. I cut a bunch of them and ran it through my sewing machine. Now you have some wicked bat chandelier action going on! Pretty simple huh? I like simple things and the simple things in life make me happy. Looking at these bats I'm ready to decorate the rest of my home in all things spooky!!!

August 22, 2010

Lurking Eyes Halloween Wreath

Are you ready for Halloween? It's hard to believe it's just around the corner.
I had so much fun making this wreath. The best part is the whole entire project costs less than $10!
Everything except the ribbons I got from Dollar Tree! I got the ribbons from Michaels. They might still be on sale if not use your coupons!

P.S. You will have to spray paint the wreath black! It came in natural wood. Have fun!

August 20, 2010

Fourth Time's a Charm

I admire/ envy/ jealous/ ... of those people who has green thumb. My mom is one of them. Anything grows in her yard. What's up with that?! Even seeds she got from overseas. Seriously?!

Let me introduce you to a wanna be green thumb girl. Drumroll please?!


Ladies and Gent please meet Bea!

I want so badly to grow roses. Not just make them grow but sustain their precious lives. I want them to make babies... multiply and replenish my beautiful porch. Is this too much to ask?! Seriously! Sheesh!

I'm really keeping all my fingers and toes crossed this time. Yes I'm not ashamed to admit that this is my 4th time trying. The song "Keep trying you'll get it right" by Yo Gabba Gabba keeps popping in my head while I got my hands dirty. Thank you son! I guess mommy learned something from your silly show.

Please give me tips of how to make my roses stay alive!!! I don't want to be labeled as a "killer."

Have a wonderful day!

August 17, 2010

'Oh So Fresh' Paper By Bea

As promised here's something sweeeeeeeeeet for you! I designed this yummy paper and I'm sharing them with you! All you need to do is click here to download.
Use regular white cardstock to print from your printer.
If you use this in your projects please email me some pictures. I would love to see!

Have a wonderful day my lovely bloggers!

August 16, 2010

Lemonade 4U!

Wow these tags are something else! Yes yes I did it twice! I'm loving how it turn out the second time around. I should box them up before I mess around with them again for the third time. Let's hope there's not a third time.

I got the lemonade stand svg file from The Hobby Lady. I used SCAL software to cut them.

These tags are for a swap that Kathy is hosting.

Want some lemonade?! Lemonade is just so refreshing especially when it's a 1000 degrees outside! Speaking of lemonade. The best one to die for is at Fresh & Easy; Organic Strawberry Lemonade.
Some of you that don't like sour just wait for my next post. I have something sweeeeeet to give away!
Yeah... who doesn't like FREE?!

August 13, 2010

A Needed Break!

Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile! Did you miss me?! We took a week long vacation and I of course didn't work on any projects during vacation or after. It was really nice to be with my family and just relax! Aaaaah how I miss that already! The smell of the ocean breeze, the rush of the wind, the sand, the sun's kiss on my face, and the list goes on.

Here's a glimpse of what I was talking about!

Stay tune for a blog hop. Kathy at Paper Phenomenon is putting this blog hop together and my hubby will be showcasing his "manly" tag soon!!!!! Keep checking back here for the tag. Trust me you don't want to miss this one!!!