August 31, 2011

Cricut + Ikea Frame = Magical Home Decor

I love this Ikea frame. I want a dozen more to paint in all different colors. It would be fun to switch it up to match the holidays colors and such. Fab right?! Yeah I know!

So this is what I made last night. I had so. much. fun. OMG!
I used SCAL and Cricut expression to cut the letters and embellished with fabulous goodies I have in my scrap room!

This is one of my 2 most favorite quotes of all time. "Whatever you are be a good one." The other is my life's motto "Dream big."
Why? You know how I loooove free stuff! Well dreams are free! Why not dream big?!

Next project is "dream big" quote home decor.
Stay tuned.

August 28, 2011

Creative Escape with Vicki Boutin

Creative Escape is over! *tears*

OK since I took gazillion pictures from Creative Escape I will try to break it down and show you pictures in somewhat organized manner.
We took layout class taught by Vicki Boutin. She is amazing!!! She's very talented obviously. She is not afraid of colors! Colors are her friends and I love that. There are so many things that I love about her but what stood out to me the most was her personality. She's so fun and fUnNy!!! We were laughing pretty much the whole entire time.

We were using white crayons and paper as resists. Also we went to town with glimmer mist. Boy oh boy did we sprayed until the cows come home. It was so much fun!

The take away message from this class for me was "COLOOOOOOORS" and "LAYEEEEEEEERS."

(and I thought I was using plenty of colors and layering... nope - not until you take her class!)

Stay tuned... more to come!

August 25, 2011


I had fun shopping with Teresa yesterday. We are getting ready to go to Creative Escape Bazaar and Yudu class teach by Heidi Swapp. More pictures and projects to come. Check back soon!

(We are literally running out of the door)

August 16, 2011

$1 wanna be printer trays

With a baby who knows how long it will take me to finish these trays. Don't you just love how I throw my baby under the bus? Sorry Jack, momma does love you! So I just wanted to jump on here real quick and let you know to run to your Dollar Tree before they are all gone! They have 3 different types. Of course I got one of each.

These will go on my craft room wall. I can't wait! I was so excited when I saw these!!! Have fun and please share some pictures with me when you are done.

Please email me the link so I can "linky link" it to your blog / youtube.

August 3, 2011


(click on the image for more details. thanks pinterest)

Dear Modcloth,

You did it again. I'm sitting here in front of my computer screen drooling over your products. Wishing, hoping, that someday I can fill my closet with your lovely clothes and accessories.


Your site stalker

August 1, 2011

J's Goodies

It has been awhile since I've been to Jo-Ann.
Here's some of the Holidays stuff and Tim Holtz.