October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween From our family

I just wanted to share some pictures that we took earlier tonight.
I hope your family has a Happy Halloween!

This is me trying hard to look all tough. LOL Not working!!!!!

Be safe and have lots of FUN!

October 23, 2010

Halloween layout (2 yr ago)

I was looking through some of the old pictures and this is what I've found! Pretty plain layout... not a lot of embellishment (none actually.) It's good to see that I've improved in my scrapbooking skills. =) Or maybe it was the sleep deprive with the newborn. Hmmm that could very well be! LOL

It seems like yesterday when we took our lil' cow trick or treating.

This will be his 3rd year trick or treating! WOW! Time flies. This year he will definitely be all over the candy!

Sparkly Cards

Dear Stampendous,

I want to thank you for making the most amazing
SPAAAAAAAAAAARKLY embossing powder ever! I loove looove that the minute I heat set it the glitter isn't coming off! I must admit I love sparkly stuff but most if not all of the glitter stuff comes off easily. (Teresa and Julie knows what I'm talking about - *wink*)

Too bad there are only a handful of colors available. Please make more dang it!!!!


I dare you to rub my cards! hehe
My glitter isn't going anywhere!!!!

If you don't believe me try it.
I double dare you to try using this embossing powder.

I got them at Michaels and you can use your coupons!
You will thank me later!

October 22, 2010

Falling for you.... for the 100000000th time

is in the air!
(thank goodness, and it doesn't hurt to have the cutest biker by my side)

Can you feel it?

We have been having great weather here for the past few days. We rode our bikes around the Zoo today and everything about it was beautiful! We got to see pretty much the whole entire zoo in a short amount of time. No more walking at the zoo for us! Thanks to my MIL for a great idea!!!

Every other person that we passed by said "Why didn't we do that?" or "Wow that is so smart." So enough about my day...

I want to share some tips with you as regard to pictures for scrapbook layouts. (for those that have Photoshop.)
I don't know about you but for me I have to be inspired by the photographs in order to complete my pages. If I'm not feeling them I just put them back in the pile and come back to them later. I usually pick out 1 element (or more) in the pictures that I really like and go from there.

The following are great ways to jazz up your pictures before sending them to print

* Add text to your pictures
* "Stamp" directly onto your pictures (use Photoshop brushes)
* Add frame around your pictures
* Change the color; sepia, black & white, vintage, and etc. (this will change the feel of your layout dramatically)

Last but not least ( in my opinion this step is VERY important ...)
**** Make sure that machine color auto correct isn't on, if it's on that means they will tweak the colors for you ****
Note to photo tech at Costco. Please do not mess with the colors of my photographs. Leave them alone or else!

Have a Happy Fall!

Now go out there and capture some Fall memories!

October 13, 2010

Cutest Halloween Suckers On The Block

Ladies & gents,

Let me introduce you to Mister Greenie!
Isn't he the cutest sucker you've ever seen?!

Please note that if you are a sensitive person this project isn't for you.

Let me explain...
(please allow me to explain before you get mad at me for calling you "sensitive")

I'm assuming that you are making a bunch of mister Greenie and his friends to pass them around to the neighborhood kids, grandkids, your own lil' monsters, or kiddies at church. These lil' precious people are going to be sooooo excited and Mister Greenie's head is going to come off like a prom dress.

By that time you might be crying because so many hours went into this project (very cute project indeed.)

If you are not the sensitive type ... keep reading

(those that want to do this project)

My suggestion would be to use up your stash. Mister Greenie doesn't have to be perfect or "green." Make some Mister Orangie or Miss Purpley. If a little bit of glue shows who cares. The kids don't care. As long as you don't tape the wrapper shut. HAHA now that would be funny! All I'm saying is keep it moving. Make an assembly line and crank em out.

I used Mini Monsters cricut cartridge. Mister Greenie is on page 75.
I got 3 boxes out of 8.5" x 11"
Not bad huh?!

Now punch some holes on the bottom of the box, put a sucker in there, and tie tulle around it!

Happy Trick or Treatin' Kids!

October 3, 2010

Halloween Mini Album

I made this mini album for our lil' monster. This mini isn't too spooky... I would describe it as more cutesy spooky! =)

The paper is by K & Co; Spooktacular!

Watch in 480p for better quality.

This project was inspired by Kathy. Check out her backpack mini.