November 21, 2011

Another digital page

I just want to motivate those who has Photoshop or other editing software out there to get it crackin'.
I know some of you have the program and is too intimidated by it.
Please don't be!

I love doing both digital and traditional scrapbooking.
Both have +s and -s.

I will share with you some of the pluses of digital scrapbooking.

1). everything matches - takes one click to get the color that you want instead of browsing through your own stash of thousand sheets of paper.
2). save $$$ - so you can buy more scrapbooking supplies. LOL No really there are tons of free brushes/stamps out there.
3). easy to share with friends & family
4). digital archive - it's nice not to have to scan each page
5). no mess - I don't know about you but cleaning isn't my favorite chore. My scrap room has small pieces of scrap paper everywhere. Oh and you don't have to mess with which kind of adhesive to use. I swear that alone saved me tons of time.
6). save time - you don't need to go through so many steps; i.e. printing out pictures, gather all of your supplies, try to coordinate elements, and etc.

I can come up with more advantages but It's almost midnight and my brain isn't functioning.

So get crankin' on those pages!
If you have the program, open it up and use it!
Trust me it's way fun and addicting once you dive into it.

If you want me to show you how to do certain things in Photoshop leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful night
and Happy early Thanksgiving!

Be safe!

November 12, 2011

A thankful heart...

What an interesting week for me! Ups and downs and the roller coaster just never seem to want to stop for me to get off. So many things has happened in my life and in the lives that are really close to me and my family. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm grateful for this holiday. I get to reflects on the blessings in my life and what I'm grateful for. After writing down the lists of what I'm grateful for in my journal it sure make losing my engagement ring seems so small and less important.

It's hard to believe that it is more of an emotional loss for me. All of the memories when we were dating keep flooding my mind. The cloud 9 moments every single seconds of the day. That kind of happy memories!

I'm so grateful for loving God, husband, kids, parents, extended family, health, and the list goes on.
My cup is runneth and I am at peace. I must admit it was a hard week but for some reason I feel perfectly OK right now. Sometimes you have to work really hard for what you really want -- and that my friend I am trying to find joy in everyday small miracles.

I took this picture this morning of a fountain. I added some magic to the picture in Photoshop using Rhonna's brushes. I'm going to print it out and frame it.
It's a great reminder.

We all need it.

Be. Grateful.

November 7, 2011

Christmas Décor

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I know Thanksgiving comes next but I couldn't help but to work on the paper mache cones. I've been staring at them for weeks. I got the cones from Michaels but I believe other craft stores sell them too.

The bases are just regular wood circles from craft stores. The stands are the wooden candle holders from Hobby Lobby.

Here's a really quick and simple wreath I made last night. The wire wreath I got from Michaels. I think it was $3. I wrapped burlap around the wreath then I added ribbons, bow, picture frame, and feathers for finishing touches.

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