April 25, 2010

Need Mother's Day Gift Ideas?

Please let me share my other love...collecting vintage knickknacks! I was at Savers last night while hubby was putting our little stud to bed (I know I know...I'm a lucky girl.)
And L-O-O-K what I found! I was smiling ear to ear. These lovely tins are so darn cute! I paid under 2 bucks for both of them! Woo hoo! This is seriously addicting since you can get loads and loads of stuff for pennies! I love when I have a successful thrift store shopping day. I went to Goodwill earlier that day too and found some amazing vintage children books. Yay! That's for another project.

Aren't these flowers arrangement so perfect for the women in your life? Go hit up your local thrift store and hope that you can find one of these lovely tins. Say a little prayer before you go. Trust me it works. hehe
If she doesn't like flowers... (hmmm I personally haven't met one yet) you can always fill these tins up with some of her favorite things; ribbons, embellishments, sewing kits, buttons, yarn, etc. I wouldn't recommend food because you never know what was in those tins before.

If you are going to do flowers I would suggest to go with ONE type of flower and ONE color. It's more dramatic! Wouldn't you agree? I think so!

Alright, run don't walk to your local thrift shops!

Embellish y-o-u!

Hello creative bloggers out there! I had to share these fabric flowers that I made awhile back but didn't have time to blog about. They are super affordable and fun to make! Who doesn't have some left over fabric and glue lying around the house? That's what I thought! Sorry no video tutorial on this project because I feel silly showing you how simple it is to make. All you need is some fabric scraps and Fabri-Tac. I guess hot glue would work too. I chose felt for the base of the flower but if you are going to use it on scrapbook pages you can use cardstock as a base too. What you'll need to do is glue the fabric strip into the center of the base and start twisting and gluing away until your base is full! Viola you got yourself a beautiful flower. Embellish the center of the flower using pearls, gems, crystals, whatever your lil' heart desires.

I love the versatility this gives me. I can don these flowers pretty much anywhere.... yes yes even on my body! (*wink)

I hope you give this a try and don't forget to email me some pictures!

April 19, 2010

Free digital kit! Hurry!

Jessica Sprague has put together a mini kit for you to download as a way to say Thank You for taking a survey. This survey contains 20 questions. It should only take you 10 minutes or so.

If you haven't try digital scrapbooking this is a great opportunity. Go here to take the survey!