July 26, 2011

Craft Room: Phase 1

As if having a baby isn't enough. We decided to move a few weeks after I gave birth. Life has been a bit crazy but in a good way. Now I get to have my own space!

I knew exactly what I wanted. The vision of this room is as clear as crystal. Other rooms of the house ... not so much. hehe

First thing first...
I headed to Home Depot for some paints. (all by myself... kiddos stayed at home with my mom, thanks mom.)

Miss Martha Stewart doesn't disappoint. I chose Feldspar MSL131 and Persimmon Red MSL015. These 2 colors are so darn cute together. I cannot wait to show you once the room is done. I will probably want to sleep in that room. As much as I love my hubby I can spend all day all night crafting away.

Alright ladies it's time for me to go wash off all of these paints off of me and get a few hours of shut-eye before the sun comes up. Tomorrow is another jam-packed day! Lots of work to do.

Stay tuned for Phase 2

July 9, 2011

Please pass the jam

It has been so looooooong since I was in a "baby mode." Almost 3 years to be exact. Right now it's all about Eat-Sleep-Poop.

Pardon me for neglecting my blog... we are trying to soak in all of the amazing moments with this lil' guy. He brings so much joy to me. I can't believe he's mine. He's miiiiiine! Wow! Speechless!

I love a lot of things about Jack but one of my fav has to be his rolls. His adorable baby rolls. Adorbs!

We both love to eat that's for sure! That's my boy!!!