April 26, 2011

Dig it

I'm "digging" these gorgeous colors spots everywhere in our backyard. I finally got this gardening thing down (I think.)
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many rose bushes I killed. Yikes! Don't even go there. But I'm determined to be able to grow roses. I have more hope this time around than ever before.

I love looking out our windows and see Spring colors popping up everywhere.
I went to Lowes today and got some Celosia. I will probably do some more planting tomorrow. The smell of soils, getting my hands in the dirt, breaking the earth down, watering, pruning, ahhh I'm in heaven. I'm telling you I'm a bit odd when it comes to what is considered relaxing to most people! It's so relaxing to me. My husband catches me in the backyard just staring at my flowers all the time. hehe

I get to enjoy all of these hobbies before baby No. 2 arrives. I blame it on "nesting" everyday is a new project!


Cards By Christy said...

I know what you mean... I used to say going out & pulling weeds out of my flower beds was my therapy at the end of the day :) something about it is just sooo relaxing!

Candace said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I can't wait for ours to show up. I love getting my hands dirty in the garden. There's nothing like it.