April 21, 2011

Perfect Afternoon Sweets

This afternoon Z and I decided to bake some cookies and cut up some fresh fruits. Mommy has sweet tooth and so does he! When I was trying to take pictures for the blog he wanted to get into some of the action too. I gave in and gave him point and shoot camera. (shhhh don't tell sugar daddy)
He looks like he knows what he was doing. This is the first time trying out Brown Butter and Fleur de Sel Chocolate Chip Cookies. OMG! These are delicious... but the best part is the smell (brown butter goodness.) It's not like your typical chocolate chip cookies recipe so give it a try. I didn't have the fancy French sea salt so I used the regular sea salt and the cookies turned out just fine.

He was elated with the results and couldn't wait to dive right in!

So the big question is...

Whose melon is BIGGER? hehe =)