May 8, 2011

Oh baby!

Oh BOY! Next month is not too far away... You know what that means?

**Babe No. 2 will be joining our family SOON!
(unless he decided to come early... hopefully not too early though)

I will try my best to post all of the projects that I've been working on before the baby arrives. No promise though because I have like 3-4 projects going on right now and none of them are completed. I keep starting a new one. Crazy!

Who knows maybe the next post will be the arrival of our little bundle of handsomeness! (Since I've been so good at blogging lately *wink*)

For real... nothing seems to be comfortable lately, the only place is my bed!


julie1551 said...

OMG Bea you look gorgeous can't wait for little "Jack" to come

Mel said...

You are so pretty! I am so happy for you :)

sherry said...

Awwwww, you look so cute!!!!