September 9, 2010

Grown-Up Bib

I'm a 'grown-up' who loves to wear bib... bib necklace! Noticed I said grown-up... I didn't say mature. hehe
What do you get when you combine felt + satin + ribbon + rhinestones + buttons + brads?

You get this cutesy necklace bib!

I used sizzix die to cut the 2 felt flowers.


Cards By Christy said...

it is beautiful!!

Idea Queen said...

I love you necklace, it is just awesome. I am so mad I lost my flower die that you used. Would love to make one.

Jen said...

Very cute Miss Bea!
Thanks for sharing

Wende said...

So pretty. Love the black and red together! Would liked to have seen your pretty face in the picture!