September 30, 2010

Is it Halloween yet?

"Mom, is it Halloween yet?"
"Mom, is it Halloween yet?"
"Mom, is it Halloween yet?"


Here's a fun little project for your kids! I made a Halloween Countdown using 99 cents frame from Ikea to help us getting ready for Halloween. What's so cool about this frame is that there are 2 sides. Woo hoo! Now talking about cheap and classy lookin'. Great job Ikea!

Our lil' moster is so excited to help me flip the countdown thingy. Now if you would only flip one per day mister Z mommy would really appreciate it! =)

The part that took the longest?!?!? Would be......

Drumroll please?!

Yup you guessed it! The countdown thing-a-ma-jic!

This is a great way to get your kids involved. Make them punch 31 scallops, squares, circles, or whatever shape you want! Oh wait scratch that out. Make that 41 cuz mommy may need extra in case she can't stamp right! I'm not saying this from experience. Now bust out your No. stamps! Start stamping and embossing, stamping and embossing, and repeat the process. After awhile you may be saying some choice words but that's the beauty of us not living in the same house! LOL

No seriously it wasn't that bad. But I think I maxed out on stamping & embossing for today!

So is it Halloween yet?!


Wende said...

Bea this is so cute and what a great fun tool for Z to get the concept of time. Fabulous job! Well, is it Halloween yet? Looks like it says the 31st to me! LOL

Dina said...


Idea Queen said...

Oh Bea how lucky are you to get a 99 cent frame from Idka. I love your project. It is just so cute and your little one will have fun with it. Thanks for sharing it with us.