September 7, 2010

Dreamy Creamy Paper by Bea

I have another freebies for you guys! The inspiration for this set is from the carousel! We took our son to the local park to ride the choo choo train and the carousel. He had a blast! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Enjoy Dreamy Creamy!

Note: Paper size is 8.5" x 11"
You can either print from your printer or use them in Photoshop!


Wende said...

Oh so pretty, you said they would be nice. You weren't kidding. Please do a layout and post with these papers. Would love to see your creation.

Jen said...

Super Cute Bea! And we love McCormack-Stillman :) It's been too long since we've visited. Thanks for reminding me it exists. (lol)