February 24, 2010


Have you ever feel like creating something but stuck on what to make? Well that was me the other night. I was in a creative mood but didn't know what to make. Where else would a girl turn to? Of course Google. Lets just say I love Google... not in love with Google but loooove looove love Google! I searched some random keywords; flowers, jewelry, dress, blah blah blah. I searched and searched and searched and nothing speaks to me. FINALLY I came across these "scallopy" goodness! Yes "scallopy!"

So from there I thought I should make some cards with scalloped theme. Well duh that's easy! Or so I thought! First thing that came to my mind was to use my scalloped border punch. I told myself I can do better than that and this was a personal challenge for the night. Off I went.

I hope these ideas will spark your interests and get you going on your projects.
Stuck? I suggest Google. After all these 3 cards are pretty darn cute! At least they are to me! =) Ahh so humble.

1. Miley's silver ballgown
2. Fredflare scalloped skirt

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