February 9, 2010


Hey there! Welcome to my blog! Call me crazy for starting another blog. I've decided to keep my family blog strictly for the family stuff and dedicate this blog to creative things and other goodness. I will be posting tutorials and current projects that I'm working on. Right now I got most of the Valentine's stuff done. The main thing left is my son's goody bags.
I hope you will find many inspirations that hopefully will spark your creativity. I know that sometimes in order for me to get my creative juice flowing I have to get inspiration from other sources such as; magazine, internet, stores, billboards, and etc.

As for the name of my blog...
Lets just start off by telling you that my name is Bea (pronounce just like the second letter of the alphabet - B.) Since I'll be the only one contributing to this blog I thought I should use my name somewhere in the blog address. Second, I want it to be short - something that people can easily remember. Thus, the name 'to Bea.' But that was already taken so here we are with 2bea.blogspot.com.
Third, 'to be' is a verb therefore it requires action on my part. Hopefully I will be doing a good job and keeping up with my posts. I enjoy the 'doing' and staying busy. If you ask me "What do you do for fun?" One word: {{{{create!}}}}
Sorry I didn't mean to shout but I just get so excited whenever I have free time to create! Anything from cards, to scrapbooking, to sewing, to photography, to editing, and so forth. Anyways enough about me.

So stay tune and I will be sharing with you some of the things I am passionate about.
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