October 28, 2011

Journal with a twist

One thing that I am not good at is journal keeping. I will be the first one to admit that I have never complete the entire journal.
Sad? Yes!
My husband on the other hand is so stinkin' good at it. It's fun to read what he wrote during our courtship and etc. I guess staring at blank pages with lines aren't that exciting to me.

I need prompts!!!

My husband brought to my attention that I always say

"When I die..."

I guess having children change me tremendously. No doubt about it. I often think of their needs and wants before mine. I am obsessed about them. They are my everything. I am here to protect and love them. They are so much a part of me. I get to relive a part of my childhood through them (sort of.)

It's simply amazing!

Like.. playing in the rain, get all wet. Yeah totally brought back childhood memories.

So when I brought up to my husband
"When I die..."

i.e. ... I want you to find a wife
(the kids need a mother especially when they are young - if I die at 75 and he got a wife... hmm I think I might come and haunt him.)
... make sure you feed them some Thai food
(yes I'm dead serious about this.)

... teach them about Thai culture
... make sure to keep family traditions going
(Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and etc.)

and the list goes on.

I mean I can tell my husband all I want but in reality he probably only retained 1/4 of the info I passed on to him. I've made a commitment to myself that I am going to do better at keeping journals. Even if it's one line a day. I'm doing this for my children. It's not about me. It's all about them and their children and their children' children. This way it is written and recorded. They can find out a lot about me by reading my journals, scrapbook pages, mini albums, smash books, and etc.

I hope they can find it entertaining and educational. Hopefully they can flip through the pages and learn a thing or two about life and be able to apply to theirs.

Sorry I didn't plan on blogging my life away...

So here are 3 journals/diaries that I've found that I absolutely adore to pieces.
These aren't just ugly blank pages.

They have prompts!

And I must add they are addictive and fun!

1). Q & A - 365 questions * 5 years * 1,825 answers
2). Keel's Simple Diary - Vol. one
3). Memorandom journal

Here are some pretty pages to look at.

I hope you are inspired.
Now get to it.
If you don't want to do it for you then do it for someone you love in your life.

Words are powerful - use it wisely.


Here's a text from my husband.

Z to his pumpkin in a box.
"now you have a new home."
He puts blanket around the pumpkin.
"good night pumpkin"
Z then proceeds to lay down and make snoring sounds.

It only takes 5 lines to know a bit more about this kid.

I am trying to do better.

I'm excited to look back at what I wrote a year from now.

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